Copious Colors

I was recently trolling Pinterest, not an uncommon activity for me these days, when this colorful (and I mean colorful) cake caught my eye.


Photo credit: Rise and Shine Bakery

If you’re scared of using too much color in your wedding – don’t be! As long as your decor is a reflection of you, that’s all that matters. Here are a couple photos where I think copious amounts of color provide a nice contrast to the “typical” colors provided by only flowers and bridesmaids dresses:

color wedding

Forget black shoes! Put the men in some colorful sneakers with matching suspenders! White chair covers and white sashes allow a nice background setting to showcase the colorful decor.

Groomsmen shoes photo credit: Three Nails Photography

Barn photo credit: We Heart Pictures via Bridal Guide

Obviously you don’t want your special day to look like a circus either. So again, do what you feel comfortable with – whether it’s going all out with every color of the rainbow or sticking to one color palette (even if that color is white…ooh, an all-white wedding!!!).


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