A day at the UW Fair

The day started like most days: with half of an english muffin and some coffee. However, unlike most days in my life, this past Sunday there was a fair to attend. No, not a circus-type fair or a street fair – the UW Wedding and Special Events Fair!!

If you weren’t able to show up to the fair, let me tell ya, the UW Club knows how to have a fun time. The staff at the UW Club were so generous and kind. The appetizers were phenomenal. The music was pumping courtesy of Jay from Mobile Celebrations. Michael, from Oven Monkey Bakery, was kind enough to let me sample some of his DELICIOUS cake. And sample. And sample. And, yes, sample a little bit more.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Don’t forget to reference the UW Fair and get 30% off the cost of chair covers on your order!


The UW Husky themed table. Purple and Gold – GO HUSKIES!


Here’s Rasa looking through our photo book getting ideas for her upcoming event. It was great talking to everyone who stopped at our table.

Visit the Seattle’s Best Chair Covers Facebook page to see more photos from the UW Wedding and Special Events Fair. And since you’ll already be there, why not go ahead and Like Us too? Just a suggestion.

Thanks again to everyone at the UW Club, all the great vendors and to those who stopped by – it was great to get to know you just a little bit more.


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