The wedding season is upon us!


With June just around the corner, the official start of the wedding season is upon us! Yay – we’re so excited! The weather this spring in Seattle has been a bit crazy though – lots of windy days. No doubt the summer will prove to be as beautiful as it usually is making the city a beautiful backdrop for some gorgeous weddings. Above is one of my favorite photos from a wedding we did chair covers and sashes for last summer. Salty’s on Alki always makes for a wonderful venue – especially when the sun is out and shining it’s beautiful warm rays on us. The couple renting our covers and sashes for this wedding choose a wonderful espresso color sash – so elegant.

This season, we’re seeing a lot of brides and grooms pick traditional and royal colors such as dark blue, silver and white. I can’t wait to update you on what other trends we’re seeing.

But first, we’ll explore a traditional wedding in Thailand. I recently returned from attending my sister’s wedding there and let me just give you a preview by saying – AMAZING! So check back soon and we’ll talk Thai wedding customs.


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